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Happy & colorful slow fashion designed in Berlin. Limited made in sizes S to 4XL

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Product type
NEW-INSweet Universe Midi Dress BlueSweet Universe Midi Dress Blue
Sweet Universe Midi Dress Blue Sale price₩466,000 KRW
BESTSELLERPop Cats Midi DressPop Cats Midi Dress
Pop Cats Midi Dress Sale price₩510,000 KRW
NEW-INLove Bomb Short DressLove Bomb Short Dress
Love Bomb Short Dress Sale price₩466,000 KRW
PRE-ORDER PRICEThey Look They Talk SuitThey Look They Talk Suit
They Look They Talk Suit Regular price₩918,000 Sale price₩816,000 KRW
Pop Cats BlazerPop Cats Blazer
Pop Cats Blazer Sale price₩539,000 KRW
BESTSELLERLove Bomb SuitLove Bomb Suit
Love Bomb Suit Sale price₩904,000 KRW
Only 10 leftColorful Stripes Long DressColorful Stripes Long Dress
Colorful Stripes Long Dress Sale price₩539,000 KRW
NEW INThey Look They Talk Short DressThey Look They Talk Short Dress
They Look They Talk Short Dress Sale price₩466,000 KRW
NEW-INFruttis Midi DressFruttis Midi Dress
Fruttis Midi Dress Sale price₩495,000 KRW
NEW-INHeart Beats CoatHeart Beats Coat
Heart Beats Coat Sale price₩568,000 KRW
NEW-INPop Cats ShirtPop Cats Shirt
Pop Cats Shirt Sale price₩320,000 KRW
LAST CHANCEPinky Dreams DressPinky Dreams Dress
Pinky Dreams Dress Sale price₩524,000 KRW
Pop Cats Short Loose DressPop Cats Short Loose Dress
Pop Cats Short Loose Dress Sale price₩495,000 KRW
NEW-INLove Bomb JumpsuitLove Bomb Jumpsuit
Love Bomb Jumpsuit Sale price₩481,000 KRW
Only 10 leftShine Bright Midi DressShine Bright Midi Dress
Shine Bright Midi Dress Sale price₩481,000 KRW
My First Love DressMy First Love Dress
My First Love Dress Sale price₩510,000 KRW
Only 5 leftCandy Girl Midi DressCandy Girl Midi Dress
Candy Girl Midi Dress Regular price₩539,000 Sale price₩262,000 KRW
NEW-INPop Cats Midi SkirtPop Cats Midi Skirt
Pop Cats Midi Skirt Sale price₩364,000 KRW
NEW-INThey Look They Talk Midi DressThey Look They Talk Midi Dress
They Look They Talk Midi Dress Sale price₩495,000 KRW
NEW-INPinky Dreams Wide PantsPinky Dreams Wide Pants
Pinky Dreams Wide Pants Sale price₩393,000 KRW
NEW-INPinky Dreams BlazerPinky Dreams Blazer
Pinky Dreams Blazer Sale price₩539,000 KRW
Only 10 leftPop Cats PantsPop Cats Pants
Pop Cats Pants Sale price₩378,000 KRW
Pop Cats JumpsuitPop Cats Jumpsuit
Pop Cats Jumpsuit Sale price₩481,000 KRW
NEW-INGame of Love PantsGame of Love Pants
Game of Love Pants Sale price₩378,000 KRW
Heart Beats Midi DressHeart Beats Midi Dress
Heart Beats Midi Dress Sale price₩510,000 KRW
Only 4 leftMore Love BlazerMore Love Blazer
More Love Blazer Regular price₩539,000 Sale price₩437,000 KRW
NEW INGame of Love JacketGame of Love Jacket
Game of Love Jacket Sale price₩495,000 KRW
NEW-INPinky Dreams Short DressPinky Dreams Short Dress
Pinky Dreams Short Dress Sale price₩466,000 KRW
Sold outToo Cute JumpsuitToo Cute Jumpsuit
Too Cute Jumpsuit Regular price₩364,000 Sale price₩262,000 KRW
Only 2 leftPinky Lemon JumpsuitPinky Lemon Jumpsuit
Pinky Lemon Jumpsuit Regular price₩364,000 Sale price₩262,000 KRW
LAST CHANCEMore Love PantsMore Love Pants
More Love Pants Regular price₩378,000 Sale price₩291,000 KRW
NEW-INLove Bomb BlazerLove Bomb Blazer
Love Bomb Blazer Sale price₩539,000 KRW
NEW-INSweet Universe Midi Dress PinkSweet Universe Midi Dress Pink
Sweet Universe Midi Dress Pink Sale price₩466,000 KRW
NEW-INLove Bomb PantsLove Bomb Pants
Love Bomb Pants Sale price₩378,000 KRW
NEW-INSweet Universe Midi Skirt BlueSweet Universe Midi Skirt Blue
Sweet Universe Midi Skirt Blue Sale price₩364,000 KRW
NEW-INLove Bomb Maxi CoatLove Bomb Maxi Coat
Love Bomb Maxi Coat Sale price₩612,000 KRW
NEW-INHappy Baroque Midi DressHappy Baroque Midi Dress
Happy Baroque Midi Dress Sale price₩510,000 KRW
NEW-INSweet Love JumpsuitSweet Love Jumpsuit
Sweet Love Jumpsuit Sale price₩422,000 KRW
Pop Cats CoatPop Cats Coat
Pop Cats Coat Sale price₩568,000 KRW
More Love SuitMore Love Suit
More Love Suit Regular price₩904,000 Sale price₩714,000 KRW
Pop Cats SuitPop Cats Suit
Pop Cats Suit Sale price₩904,000 KRW
Pop Cats Set: Coat + PantsPop Cats Set: Coat + Pants
Pop Cats Set: Coat + Pants Sale price₩933,000 KRW
BESTSELLERPinky Dreams SuitPinky Dreams Suit
Pinky Dreams Suit Sale price₩918,000 KRW
I Want Candy DressI Want Candy Dress
I Want Candy Dress Regular price₩481,000 Sale price₩262,000 KRW
SET PRICEGame of Love SetGame of Love Set
Game of Love Set Regular price₩873,000 Sale price₩787,000 KRW
PRE-ORDER PRICELove Bomb Long DressLove Bomb Long Dress
Love Bomb Long Dress Regular price₩524,000 Sale price₩466,000 KRW
PRE-ORDER PRICELove Bomb ShirtLove Bomb Shirt
Love Bomb Shirt Regular price₩320,000 Sale price₩276,000 KRW
PRE-ORDER PRICEPop Cats Wide PantsPop Cats Wide Pants
Pop Cats Wide Pants Regular price₩393,000 Sale price₩349,000 KRW