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The essence of Julyliebe

Julyliebe was born to empower the style of people who love to have fun when they dress up, who express themselves through style and want to discover a new way of consuming fashion.

We are Steffen and Julieta, founders of this beautiful project. We created Julyliebe inspired by those who don't follow the rules, work for a better world and happily create their own way. 



We focus on creating garments that make those who wear them and those who look at them happy. Our designs do not go unnoticed and are made to make you feel good about yourself and your style. It is important to us to share happiness!

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We design timeless and original garments that do not lose their impact over time, created to be with you regardless of trends, seasons or time. They are exclusive pieces produced only once in a limited quantity, so you will always have a unique outfit, just like you!


We care about responsible fashion production. We are against the mass production of garments intended for quick and disinterested consumption of products. We care about creating clothes that you want to wear and aren't forgotten in the back of your closet, that keep their beauty and impact beyond the trends, and make you feel special every time you wear them.
That is why we produce approximately 50-70 pieces per garment (approximately 10/15 garments per size). We design our garments from scratch in Berlin and produce them together with verified small textile companies in China (BSCI, WRAP or/and SMETA-SEDEX ). All the necessary material is planned in advance taking into account the patterns and measurements of the garments to avoid the production of excess material. It's a journey we recently started, where we keep learning and improving together at every step.


Fashion designer, photographer, model, content creator, accountant, graphic and web designer, film and video editor, customer support, purchasing and sale manager, marketing and so much more. These are some of the activities we as small brand of 2 people do. We share this work everyday with much joy in our studio in Berlin. We love the friendly and family atmosphere that allows us to learn and grow together every day a little more.