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The journey of Julyliebe - 2020/2022



The first julyliebe designs were created between April and July 2020. We were living and working at my parents' house in Argentina and little did we know that we would be in lockdown for 3 months due to the known world situation before we could return to Germany to carry out our dream project. There were a lot of new skills and topics to learn because it was all pretty new to us. So learning and staying informed was a very important part!

July 2020


We remember when the first samples finally arrived at the end of july 2020.
At that time we lived and worked in a 23 square meter Airbnb in Düsseldorf, Germany.
It was incredible to have something in our hands that we had created with so much love and enthusiasm.

August 2020


We didn't know if we were risking too much or how our garments would be received. Will people like or be interested in our creations? Clothes with bright colors and large prints are unconventional and we didn't know what to expect. But we really wanted to stay true to ourselves and our style! So we keep working hard putting our soul into each piece.

September 2020

it's really happening!

Finally between August and September we were able to start selling our garments online after having prepared our website, made some photos, and received the final production.

Learning new skills at the same time was quite challenging, but the work and effort paid off.
I remember almost a month after opening our online store, Steffen ran up to me to tell me that someone had made the first purchase. We can't believe it!
We will always remember that moment because it was unreal! Someone was really going to wear something we designed!

2020 - 2021

Dreaming bigger

Some time later we finally moved to Berlin and started thinking about designing more garments. We really started to feel more confident in our style and that is reflected in the designs we create. More colors and more cheerful prints!
Although each decision pushes us in new directions, the feeling of risking everything and the fear of failure are always present when you have a small brand. That's why staying focused and positive is something you work on every day.
However, with each new design, your feedback has been wonderful!
We were filled with courage and decided not only to sell in Germany but also throughout Europe. Time later we had orders from different countries and even from the USA!

today (2022)


Thank you for your loving support during these 2 years!

Having a business like this has many ups and downs and every purchase, message, comment, email, feedback, like or reaction from you has helped us to improve every day, to learn a lot and to trust in what we do!

We are excited for the things to come and for bringing joy to your looks every day!